This site is closed to new users. Existing feeds still work. We started migrating to Twitter API v2, but then Twitter laid off most of its API team, unceremoniously blocked many apps, and otherwise seems to be slowly imploding, so...who knows.

Want an Atom feed of your Twitter stream, or a Twitter list, that you can subscribe to and read in your favorite feed reader? This site can provide one for you!

First, click here to get a Twitter app key. (Why?) Then, copy and paste the app (aka consumer) key and secret below.

Second, choose either your full stream or just the people on a list. For a list, use the format username/list. (Newer lists may need you to use the long numeric id from the URL instead of the list name.)


When you click one of these buttons, Twitter will ask you if your app should be allowed to read your Twitter stream. Click Authorize app and you'll be redirected back here to get your new feed.